About Me

At Work

I started at R/GA New York in 2011. In 2014 I moved to Portland, OR where I’ve been building, managing and mentoring a team of talented UX designers at R/GA in Portland, OR. As the UX lead for the office, I make sure that the narrative to a concept is clear and that the story makes sense. To get there, there’s a heavy focus in sketching, whiteboarding, prototyping, and of course, wirefaming.

Nike has been my main client for the past 6+ years. During that time, I’ve worked on a wide range of work, which includes the following:

  • Nike+ Running app
  • Nike iD Builder
  • Internal design applications for Nike footwear designers
  • Jordan Emoji Keyboard
  • Nike Basketball campaigns

Recently, I’ve been working mostly on innovation projects at Nike that are in their initial phases of concepting. This consists of leading workshop sessions with clients where we figure out the why, how and the what of a project. Once the concepts have been established, I work with the greater team to bring the product to life.

At Play

Outside of work, I’m usually, well, outside. I can be found walking my dogrunning in shapes of things, camping and cycling. When it rains here in Portland, OR, I can be found indoors hacking together semi-elaborate Halloween costumes (Voltron 2016, astronaut 2015), coming up with new business ideas that may or may not be applicable to work, and making shirts.

Say 👋 at gene[@]genelu.com.