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Inspired by the urban wishlist exercise that Jake Barton and Ian Curry presented in class, this will be an ongoing list of problems that I’d like to tackle during my time as both an IXD student and practitioner. I’ve also picked one from the list for my thesis proposal (that’s right, I’m changing my topic).

  • I wish the NYC subway offered its commuters a chance to get away from everything. A moment to shut off the world outside. A place for contemplation.
  • I wish people in NYC were more mindful about each other as they move from point A to point B.
  • I wish people in NYC understood each other no matter the language barrier.
  • I wish we didn’t have to wait in long lines whether it be at a club, an Apple store, a pavilion at the Expo, etc.
  • I wish people were more aware of the amount of garbage we are producing each day. Doesn’t anyone see the huge mountain range made of garbage on the streets?!
  • I wish people knew how loud they were when speaking in public, i.e. when on the phone or having a one on one conversation.
  • I wish people in NYC knew how to navigate a sidewalk.
  • I wish people were encouraged to stay in shape.
  • I wish I knew how much time was left until I arrived at my destination. The default “I’ll be there in 15 minutes” is damaging the trust among my friends.
  • I wish I knew more about the people that sat around me especially at a coffee shop.
  • I wish clubs offered a roped-off, non-smoking section outside where people can have a conversation without having to scream into each others ears.

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  • 03 Oct 2010

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