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After successfully prototyping Post Up, we took what we learned and applied it to our next prototype, which was a digital display that involved Twilio, PHP, MYSQL, some HTML, and a whole lot of coffee.

My Role
Concept, Programming (Twilio, PHP, MYSQL), Interface Layout

Post Up is an interactive interface that gives New Yorkers a venue to report contextualized civic problems. This display will reside at various bus shelters around NYC where people can report problems within their neighborhood. They can also vote on or subscribe to problems that have already been posted, which are fed into SeeClickFix‘s database. When a problem is resolved, the person that reported the problem along with everyone else that subscribed to it will receive a “problem resolved” text message.

How It Works
Users interact with the display by texting their problems to a phone number designated by Post Up. We went with an SMS solution in order to keep the barrier of entry low since our target audience ran the gamut in mobile device usage.

When the text goes through, the problem appears on the display along with a corresponding number. Users can then vote for the problem by texting its corresponding number to the phone number mentioned earlier. When a vote is submitted, the display is updated providing immediate feedback for users.

Whenever a problem is posted or is voted on, the user’s phone number is recorded by the system so that whenever the problem is resolved, those users are informed with a reply text. After a problem is resolved, it is then placed into a ticker at the bottom of the display.

For our final demo, the team reconstructed a NYC bus stop with the help of a whiteboard wall and the school bench. A projector was used to display the interface where users were then encouraged to interact with the interface.

Experiencing Post Up at a Pseudo Bus Stop

Experiencing Post Up at a Pseudo Bus Stop

Post Up Display

Post Up Display

Post Thoughts

  • One panelist suggested visualizing the steps that a problem goes through in order to be resolved
  • This could be used to project conversations onto walls within neighborhoods to promote an open dialogue

The Post Up Team

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  • 25 Dec 2010

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