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Pulling It All Together

After going through a couple of ideation processes and coming up with several different concepts, it’s time to synthesize everything into one tightly-knit group of ideas that my final concept will encompass.

A map of all the interesting ideas pulled from previous thesis concepts

A map of all the interesting ideas pulled from previous thesis concepts

As suggested by Jennifer Bove, I took some time out to reflect back on the concepts generated so far and pulled the most interesting idea(s) from each one. I’ll be ideating around this list of ideas for my final concept, which involves getting people to be more physically active in the city.

  • New layer of information
  • Patterns
  • Support through social networks online and/or offline
  • Discovery/Exploration
  • Happens in a public space
  • Feedback (check-in, score, progress, achievements, etc.)

I also got useful feedback from Rob Faludi about the idea of having a string of solutions connected to each other around the city. According to Rob, the “fun of this would be finding all the different activities and assigning them metrics, then testing your setup with real people.” I totally agree with this and will hopefully get some more ideation and prototyping in by the end of this weekend. Stay tuned.

Side note: I’m realizing more and more that my thesis statement could be a bit more specific. Although really important, things like communities/neighborhoods or even the mention of a system of solutions were left out of the original statement. I’ll probably be revising the statement slightly to include these ideas.

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  • 07 Dec 2010

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