NikeFuel Stickers: Contextualizing a New Metric

The Nike FuelBand was released earlier this year and with it, came a new metric, NikeFuel (NF). A lot of people had questions like “What is NikeFuel?” or “How is it calculated?”. I myself wasn’t sure of the latter, but after using it for several months, I have a general idea as to how much NikeFuel (approximately) is generated for specific activities.

  • A 3 minute song on Rock Band the game (pro drums): 300NF
  • Biking from Jackson Heights to W39th street on a foldable bike: 1200NF
  • A 6 mile run along the Westside Highway: 800NF

With all of this data on our phones and up in the cloud, how would someone new to this know about NikeFuel or even have an idea as to what a specific amount of NikeFuel means?

This is where NikeFuel stickers come in. They help to contextualize NikeFuel with respect to everyday things that we are familiar with. NikeFuel stickers introduce the concept of NikeFuel to the public while informing them what it is required to achieve a certain amount of NikeFuel.

Here are just some of the stickers that have been left around the city so far.

UPDATE 2: A Tumblr to track all of this >

UPDATE 1: People have informed me that they have observed others as they approached the decision point below (elevator vs. stairs). They noticed that some were speculating the amount of NikeFuel earned for going up three flights of stairs while others asked the person with them if they wanted to earn some NikeFuel for the day.

NikeFuel Stickers

Prior to the shiny, vinyl stickers coming in, I resorted to recycled office supplies.

NikeFuel stickers have arrived

NikeFuel stickers have arrived. Thanks to for making this happen!

140NF / Use 4th Floor

140NF / Use 4th Floor

12 NikeFuel / Rub your hands!

12 NikeFuel / Rub your hands!

2000NF / 500 cal ~ 2000 NF
2000NF / 500 cal ~ 2000 NF