More GPS Running: People, Places, Things and Portlandia

Outside of Star Wars, I’ve completed a bunch of other GPS runs ranging from tribute runs to politically motivated runs. If you happen to be in either NYC or PDX and are looking for a run route, hit the “Directions” link under any of the routes for turn-by-turn directions.


World Trade Center NYC
In memory of the lives lost in the 9/11 attacks 17 years ago.

World Trade Center / 15.28mi / New York, NY / Directions

Thank You Obama
A big thank you to Obama for leading and serving this country.

Obama / 15.3mi / Portland, OR / Directions

Private Road Running Club
PRRC is a run club in Seoul, Korea. The Corinthian helmet, one of their many of logos, honors Sohn Kee-chung’s (Korea) victory in the 1936 Olympics.

Corinthian Helmet / 9.54mi / Portland, OR / Directions

Celebrating the 4th of July
Saying goodbye to the week and welcoming a much deserved, long weekend.

Peace / 5.81mi / Portland, OR / Directions

Air Max Day 2018
When you’re in Nike country aka Oregon, you celebrate Air Max Day. The Air Max 270 was introduced to the public as the latest silhouette to be added to the Air Max family.

Air Max 270 / 12.59mi / Portland, OR / Directions

Air Max Day 2017
Celebrating Air Max Day 2017 with an Air Max 90 run.

Air Max 90 / 13.29mi / Portland, OR / Directions

White Stag
If you’ve ever been to Portland, OR, you’re probably familiar with the iconic blinking stag sign that sits on the east side of town.

White Stag / 9.14mi / Portland, OR / Directions

Oregon with ❤️
Sending love out to Oregon after the fatal, racially charged stabbings on Portland’s MAX train in 2017.

Oregon with ❤️ / 13.77mi / Portland, OR / Directions

Dog Run
Ringing in the 2018 Lunar New Year with the Dog Run.

Dog Run / 10.06mi / Portland, OR / Directions


Representing the Resistance in Portland, OR.

RESIST / 15.51mi / Portland, OR / Directions

Dedicated to 45.

🖕 / 5.3mi / Portland, OR / Directions

🖕 Trump
In case the previous run wasn’t obvious as to who I was flipping the bird to. Also, this run is good if you’re looking for a longer run. 🙂

🖕 Trump / 10.23mi / Portland, OR / Directions

🖕 Trump / NYC Edition
After moving back to NYC from Portland in April, it felt right to do this run, especially when the start and finish point are at Trump Tower in Midtown.

🖕 NYC Edition / 5.89mi / New York, NY / Directions

Witch Hunt
This 13mi witch hunt leads back to Trump Tower.

Witch Hunt / 13.65mi / New York, NY / Directions

Dump Tower
The state of the Union.

Dump Tower / 6.26mi / New York, NY / Directions

And Portlandia…

Rose Run
A run dedicated to my second home, Portland, OR. Crazy enough, this run inspired the Rose route as seen in the last episode of Portlandia. Have a look for yourself after the jump.

Rose Run / 3.94mi / Portland, OR / Directions