Samsung Within


The Brief
Samsung wanted to turn their users into brand advocates. One problem we identified was that Samsung users simply didn’t know enough about the company to advocate for it. With Samsung Within, we presented incredible untold stories that would make Samsung users proud, in a way that would keep them interested and engaged.

The Solve
Samsung Within is an interactive experience that put viewers in control and encouraged them to keep exploring. Each chapter had a unique digital interaction—from discovering the meaning of Samsung’s name in 360°, to building the phone the world said was impossible, to answering the first phone call from the top of Everest. Following the launch, Brand Preference went up by 21% and Brand Pride increased by 14%—showing that Samsung had stories powerful enough to change perceptions. They just needed to be told.

The Work

The beats of each chapter was put together by our content/experience strategy teams, which then served as individual briefs to the creative team. I was the UX lead on the creative side and worked with a copywriter and the visual design team to assemble each chapter. Specifically, I storyboarded and directed the UX for the first several chapters of Samsung Within.

There were various approaches for each chapter. Some involved interactions that immersed users into each story while others relied on linear storytelling.

A Phone Built on Can’t

This interactive journey was based on stories from the development of the Samsung Galaxy Note when engineers pushed beyond the limits of what a phone could actually do. We wanted to put users into the lab with the engineers by having users participate in quick interactions throughout the story.

  • Tracing the silhouette of the phone with your finger to reveal the size of the phone
  • Swiping down to create the S-pen
  • Swiping the S-pen up into the phone to see how engineers reconfigured the phone’s hardware to fit the pen itself
Chapter 4 / A Phone Built on Can’t / WIP Board 1 of 2
Chapter 4 / A Phone Built on Can’t / WIP Board 2 of 2
Check out the final interactive experience for “A Phone Built on Can’t”

More Than a Stylus

This story focused on the evolution of the stylus over the years. To lead users through the story, we wanted to utilize other technological features within our audience’s phone, in this case, a combination of the gyroscope and accelerometer. The idea was that as users tilted and rotated their phones, they would be navigating through the history of the stylus while also creating an experience similar to that of drawing with a pen. Sorta.

In the end, we netted out with a simple tilt of the phone to advance users through the story.

Chapter 5 / More Than a Stylus / Board 1 of 3
Chapter 5 / More Than a Stylus / Board 2 of 3
Chapter 5 / More Than a Stylus / Board 3 of 3
The final output for “More than a Stylus”

And Last, But Not Least…

Here are the storyboards from the rest of the chapters. All sketches were done in the Procreate App on an iPad.

The Meaning of Our Name

Chapter 2 / The Meaning of Our Name
Get a 360 view of the universe

Extreme Conditions

Chapter 3 / Extreme Conditions
Witness the extreme conditions that Samsung phones have been through

Testing for Life

Chapter 6 / Testing for Life / Board 1 of 3
Chapter 6 / Testing for Life / Board 2 of 3
Chapter 6 / Testing for Life / Board 3 of 3
Watch the various tests that Samsung puts their phones through