Moncler Pitch Concept

The Ask

Consider a new global e-commerce site that will drive strong business growth powered by consumer centric experience, unique design and omni-channel services. How do we create a differentiated, ownable and luxurious online experience for Moncler?

In a world where high fashion brands like Comme des Garçons and Balenciaga are reinforcing their brand through their unique web experiences, we wanted to do the same for Moncler, but it in a smarter way that leverages both their products and brand recognition in conjunction with the capabilities of their current web platform.

The Concept

Moncler is the intersection of BEAUTY, as represented by the design of their products, and INTELLECT, the technology embedded within their products. We wanted to create a site that invited visitors to navigate and explore Moncler’s products through this Beauty x Intellect duality.

The Work

We started by envisioning Beauty and Intellect as the X and Y axis of a product grid that would bring visitors to the product that they were potentially looking for or even discovering for the first time.

  • Street x Arctic = Outerwear for the urban life
  • Catwalk x Summer = Lightweight apparel that will turn heads
  • etc.

At first glance, the labels along the axes felt generic and the navigational structure itself was tedious (sketch below).

Translating concept into actual UI.
Navigating from home page to product page felt tedious at first glance.

The home page also didn’t scream “THIS IS MONCLER!”. We liked the relevancy of the home page, i.e. suggesting specific products based on one’s current location, but anyone could easily pull this off.

In the next round of updates, we pushed the labels to reflect more of the narrative presented throughout Moncler’s wide range of product campaigns. We also simplified the home page in order to champion the duality of these narratives (some examples listed below).

Street Ready x Technical Gear
Wild West x Alpine Dreams
Chateau Splendor x Bio-Based
After Hours x Powder Ready

How It Works
When the visitor first loads up the home page, a duality appears, i.e. After Hours x Powder Ready. This would be informed by relevant data points such as a user’s location, purchase history and current trends.

1/ A relevant duality is displayed based on user’s location, time, weather, etc. 2/ Product grid for the duality. 3/ Product detail page.
Visitors can also edit the dualities.
Home page for mobile and desktop.
Scrolling the home page from top to bottom.

Duality Landing Page
Once the user taps on the duality from the home page, they are directed to a unique content grid with products, events and editorial from Moncler.

Duality Landing Page

Product Detail Page
Selecting a product from the content grid directs the user to the PDP. Here, we carry through the theme of Beauty x Intellect by focusing on the product narrative at the top and then zooming into the intellect side of the product as the user scrolls down the page.

Scrolling the PDP from top to bottom.

Visual Search
We also considered other ways for users to discover products – one of them being through the camera. Using your camera and powerful image recognition, we can identify the colors and patterns as well as your location and other relevant data points to drive recommendations (product and events).

Generating a grid of products and events based on camera input.

Post Purchase Experience
After purchase, a customer receives an email with exclusive access to content, product, services and exclusive events near. Purchases also affect what they see when they revisit the home page (for logged in users only). 

Final Output

My Role

I oversaw the experience design team and helped push the creative direction of the concept while maintaining a common conceptual thread throughout the entire project. With only two weeks to concept and execute, I made sure that we weren’t spinning on features that any other agency could easily bring to the table. Once the creative braintrust, i.e. the creative directors on the team, settled on the overarching narrative, we sketched out the ideas and set the rest of the team off and running.

R/GA Team

  • Benjamin Williams / VP, Executive Creative Director
  • Andre Ribeiro / Creative Director (Visual Design)
  • Leona Kohen / Creative Director (Strategy)
  • Gene Lu / Creative Director (Experience Design)
  • Livia Ito / Design Director
  • Angee Attar / Sr. Experience Designer
  • Yangzi Liu / Sr. Visual Designer
  • Sivanuj Pavarodom / Sr. Animator