Nike+ Apple Watch

UX lead on a small, fantastic team of creatives to bring to life the next generation of Nike+ Running on your wrist.

In conjunction with the launch of Apple Watch Series 2, we worked with Nike to create a simplified running experience paired with a smart notification system that gets runners out the door and onto the road with just the right amount of motivation and guidance.

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Nike+ Running and Spotify

Nike+ Pace Station was a concept that started from my personal experience with running and being inspired by games such as Rock Band. Using existing music services in conjunction with the Nike+ Running app, we hacked and built a case study to show the effects of music on running.

Select a genre, set a pace and let’s go!

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Pokémon and Nike iD

Starting with a blank shoe in Nike iD is hard. There are multiple silhouettes to start from. There are a ton of colors and materials to choose from. So how does one start? What if we were to put some guardrails around the ‘design brief’? What if it was based on the characters of Pokémon?

During Summer 2016 when Pokémon GO took the nation by storm, Duncan Hoge and I started Poké iD, a project that explores the world of Nike iD through the lens of Pokémon.

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Run Wars

I grew up watching Star Wars and in late 2015, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens was set to launch. Based off of a similar route running project that I did a few years ago, I mapped out and ran routes in the shape of iconic Star Wars characters.

In this iteration of run routes, they were much more complicated and there were also turn-by-turn directions shared out so that others can also join the Force and do the run on their own.

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Nike+ Running Photo Sharing

Nike+ Photo Sharing is perhaps one of the most important features in the Nike+ Running app even up until this day since its launch in 2013.

After observing that a lot of people were sharing photos of their runs on social media, we designed the photo sharing feature that would come to generate over 5 million shared posts on Instagram under #nikeplus (June 2017).

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Nike+ Running Tumblr

“We run to inspire others to run.”

To celebrate the launch of the Nike+ Photo Sharing feature that we worked on, I started a Tumblr account that cataloged all of the best shared photos in the Nike+ Running community. My curated collection of photos quickly turned into a source of inspiration for runners around the world inspiring new locations to run to different ways of telling their running story.

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Nike+ Running and Samsung Gear S

Samsung and Nike have teamed up to bring Nike+ Running to Samsung’s new Gear S smartwatch. The app uses GPS and 3G wireless in the Gear S to allow runners to view their progress, receive real-time stats, and maps their runs, all without the need for a smartphone.

I led the UX design for Nike+ Running’s first wearable experience on the Samsung Gear S. Comprehensive UX from start to finish. Conducted client brainstorms and concepting. Created wireframes, motion prototypes, interactive prototypes, and detailed interaction specifications.

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Run of Thrones

My jump into the world of run route drawing. Run of Thrones combines my interest in running and my love for HBO’s Game of Thrones. Here’s the why, how and the what of Run of Thrones as seen more from my interview with Huffington Post.

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Public Art Fund Redesign

Public art hanging out in front of buildings, standing in the middle of parks, and even lounging on busy streets. All of this stored and cataloged on one of the most reputable independent, non-profit arts organization – the Public Art Fund.

I had the opportunity to work with Tender Creative as the lead experience designer in redesigning the Public Art Fund’s website.

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Nike 1thology

In 2012, Nike celebrated the Air Force 1’s 30th anniversary by rolling out new AF1s throughout the year. In order to create social buzz around these shoes, we were tasked with recreating the past AF1 experience within the context of Facebook.

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Nike Gear Up

Nike Gear Up is an e-commerce solution that recommends a set of products to consumers based on their answers to a series of questions.

In Summer 2012, Nike briefed us on improving the existing Gear Up experience along with a future vision deck outlining possible features down the road. This project was a major milestone for me at R/GA because we were working with a new client on Nike’s side and it was my first major(!) project at R/GA.

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Hack-o-Ween 2010/11

For the past couple of Halloweens, I’ve come to really enjoy hacking together costumes. Seeing everyday objects in a different light and turning them into makeshift props is one of the most gratifying design exercises ever. “But why?”, you ask. I blame the A-Team, McGuyver, and Legos, but it was…

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About Me

At Work I started at R/GA New York in 2011. In 2014 I moved to Portland, OR where I’ve been building, managing and mentoring a team of talented UX designers at R/GA in Portland, OR. As the UX lead for the office, I make sure that the narrative to a…

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