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NikeFuel Stickers: Contextualizing a New Metric

The Nike FuelBand was released earlier this year and with it, came a new metric, NikeFuel (NF). A lot of […]

Sep, 27

Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats!

About a week ago, I dug into my treasure trove of childhood memories and attempted to reconnect with an old […]

Dec, 25

“Get to the Choppah!”

During my teenage years, I used to obsess over Predator. There was something super cool about the helmet (a bit […]

Sep, 13

Kenpachi Munny Doll

With school out forever and summer right around the corner, I spent some time today finishing a project that I […]

May, 29

Hand Wash Tracker for the Hospital

A while back, several of us (Michael Katayama, Colleen Miller, Eric St. Onge, and I) at the School of Visual […]

May, 24

Nike+ Plus Dogs

Thesis has taken over my life. Activities like eating three meals a day, getting at least 7 hours of sleep […]

Apr, 21

Story Forest Logo Sketches

Here’s a quick first round sketch of logos for Story Forest. I’m leaning towards the last logo in the list […]

Mar, 18

Track Your Package LIVE!

Oct, 09

Outdoor Library Kiosk

Oct, 04

Shopping for Superhero

Sep, 25

Radio Flyer Sail Wagon

Sep, 25

Lead UX Designer on Nike+ Running at R/GA.