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Open IXD 2011 Presentations

If you happened to miss the thesis presentations from SVA’s MFA in Interaction Design program last month, the videos are […]

Jun, 03

Capturing the Interaction Design Thesis Process

Open House at SVA’s MFA in Interaction Design program seemed like it was only yesterday. I remember feeling my heart […]

May, 17

A Chance to Parallax

For the final leg of my thesis project, I had to create a one page website that summarizes what my […]

May, 02

Final User Journey

After a brief brainstorming session with fellow schoolmate and soon to be 2nd year student, Sera Koo, I came up […]

Apr, 19

Shooting a Live User Journey

As you might have noticed, I usually do my user journeys in sketches, but being that this is my last […]

Apr, 12

Wireframes and Prototypes

I spent the past week iterating and testing wireframes for the Story Forest iPhone app using the method as described […]

Mar, 29

Story Forest Flowchart

Before moving to wireframes, I created the user task flows for Story Forest. By going through this process, I can […]

Mar, 21

Story Forest Logo

This is a follow up to the sketches that I had posted earlier yesterday. As mentioned before, I was originally […]

Mar, 19

Story Forest Logo Sketches

Here’s a quick first round sketch of logos for Story Forest. I’m leaning towards the last logo in the list […]

Mar, 18

Paper Prototyping the Interactions with a Memory Tree

The interaction between people with their memory trees plays an important role in this project. To figure out whether or […]

Mar, 17

User Journey (Initial Rough Draft)

Before diving into the user journey, I’d like to introduce you to Ethan. Ethan Currently Ethan is a young professional […]

Mar, 14

Notes on Nostalgia

Most of what I’ve read so far aligns with the findings from my prototyping research.  The content below also sheds […]

Mar, 14

Story Forest

After my meeting with thesis adviser, Rob Faludi last Thursday, I’ve updated my statement to the following: Story Forest shares […]

Feb, 26

1st Round of Prototyping

Last night, with the help of my brother, Will, I completed my first round of prototyping for Memori. Will was […]

Feb, 17

Sticking with this Concept

In this post, I’ve finalized on my thesis concept and I’ll also be wrapping up questions from my last post […]

Feb, 03

The City as a Memory Tool

How can moments, which are individually encapsulated at points within the urban landscape,  self-reflect on our past to help us […]

Jan, 28

Hometown Concept Map

“The steps in-between were more fulfilling than achieving the goal.” This statement, which was expressed in an interview with my […]

Jan, 22

Marginalia Mania

A few days ago, we were fortunate to have Craig Mod speak at SVA’s MFA in Interaction Design’s Spring Lecture […]

Jan, 21

Summarizing First Semester of Thesis Dev

Before the start of the semester, my thesis statement involved increasing mental and physical acuity among the elderly, but with […]

Dec, 20
Systemic Thinking

Systemic Thinking

After going through preliminary concepts for my initial thesis statement, I have realized that having such a general statement could […]

Dec, 14

Pulling It All Together

After going through a couple of ideation processes and coming up with several different concepts, it’s time to synthesize everything […]

Dec, 07

Elevator Arrival and Departure Times (Thesis Concept No. 3)

This concept focuses on making the time it takes to get to your floor more transparent so that you can […]

Nov, 29

Word Up! (Thesis Concept No. 2)

About Word Up! Taking what I’ve learned from Chalk Walk along with some of the suggestions given to me by […]

Nov, 27

Learning Over Time

During my years of undergrad, I used to sporadically tap my pencil to the music that my roommate blasted in […]

Nov, 24

Prototyping Chalk Walk

Last week, our thesis development class held a brainstorming session where we broke up into groups to help each other […]

Nov, 14

Business Model Canvas

Last week, we had a thesis workshop led by Manuel Toscano of the Helsinki Group in Jennifer Bove’s Thesis Development […]

Nov, 08
Thesis Mile Marker

Thesis Mile Marker

Before going on break last summer, I knew that I wanted to help the elderly. This topic struck a personal […]

Oct, 31

Converging on Thesis Idea

Lots of converging and diverging lately on thesis ideas. Just to quickly restate what I’m currently working on: I am […]

Oct, 25
Notes on Weight Loss & Exercise

Notes on Weight Loss & Exercise

As mentioned in articles by both the Guardian and, exercising alone doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose weight. According […]

Oct, 16
Interviews About Fitness

Interviews About Fitness

Rick H. Interviewee #1 | Physically Active with Training Program Rick has been doing interval training during the past four […]

Oct, 11
Changing Behaviors

Changing Behaviors

So why do people do the things that they do? During a brief conversation with Rob Faludi (thesis advisor and […]

Oct, 10
City Games – Thesis Proposal V1.0

City Games – Thesis Proposal V1.0

What better time than now to change my thesis proposal again. Rather than another image of a house on fire, […]

Oct, 10
Wish List

Wish List

Inspired by the urban wishlist exercise that Jake Barton and Ian Curry presented in class, this will be an ongoing […]

Oct, 03
Thesis Proposal V0.2

Thesis Proposal V0.2

For my thesis, I would like to focus on how a public space can serve as a platform for older […]

Sep, 26

Snowboarding in the Subway – 2nd Thesis Idea

Unlike my first idea, this new idea focuses on a younger audience. The question that I pose is, how can […]

Sep, 20
Dancing with Lights – Thesis Proposal V0.1

Dancing with Lights – Thesis Proposal V0.1

Topic Statement Q: What problem are you taking on? A: The problem that I’d like to address is the decline […]

Sep, 18
Finding and Maintaining One’s Inner Narrative

Finding and Maintaining One’s Inner Narrative

The following are notes and stories taken from the book that I found relevant to the ‘inner narrative’ that Dr. […]

Jul, 11
Ideating and Prototyping at Ninety-Three

Ideating and Prototyping at Ninety-Three

Mr. MacGregor, a 93 year old resident at the neurology clinic of St. Dunstan’s went to see Dr. Sacks, an […]

Jun, 25

The Elderly in China

Before arriving into Shanghai, I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the elderly and their lifestyle here in the […]

Jun, 06
Thesis Statement SVA IXD

Thesis Statement SVA IXD

Bear with me, but the following might be a bit general. I’m purposely leaving room for myself to budge around […]

Jun, 05

Lead UX Designer on Nike+ Running at R/GA.